Research Papers

The following links are to papers we have researched and/or contributed to :

Beyond Access : ICT and Social Inclusion, Samantha Hellawell, Fabian Society, July 2001.

Putting IT into Practice : New Technology and the Modernising Agenda, Samantha Hellawell, Michael Mulquin, I&DEA, LGA, IS Communications, January 2000.

e-Commerce and Community Networks - the Impact on Businesses, Local Communities and Social Inclusion, Louisa Chadwick in association with IS Communications.

The role of Community Networks, Michael Mulquin.

People First : Meeting the ICT Needs of Socially Excluded Customers, Samantha Hellawell, Digital Divide, BECTA, Toshiba, 2002.
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Seminar Programme

We specialise in running seminars for regeneration partnerships, local authorities and other public agencies that are specifically designed to meet their needs. There is no 'set' seminar programme, we discuss with you what you would like to achieve and draw up a programme that will deliver those objectives.

Previous clients have wanted to :

Bring together different ideas for community ICT projects and use those as a basis for developing a strategic ICT project that supports objectives in their delivery plan

Find out about Best Practice for carrying out community ICT audits

Bring community groups and strategic partners together to design an ICT project and incorporate it in a funding bid

Start the process of enabling residents and staff to see how wiring up their neighbourhood could improve communication and help people become ICT literate

Set out 'first steps' to building a Neighbourhood Area Network

Look at Best Practice in how to engage excluded groups in ICT

Develop a portfolio of e-government projects to deliver services that meet citizens' needs as well as government targets

Our seminars are very reasonably priced. For example our fee for a half day seminar for up to 20 participants is £800 plus our travel and accommodation expenses.

For a preliminary discussion about a seminar please contact either Samantha Hellawell or Michael Mulquin.


We are also regularly asked to speak at conferences and seminars. Here is our track record :

Neighbourhood Renewal Unit
We ran a two hour seminar for staff and invited guests on ICT and social inclusion, 2 July 2002

QMW Public Policy Seminars, University of London
We made a presentation on: Making e-government a Positive Benefit to Ordinary People – Challenges, Opportunities and Pitfalls, 17 April 2002

Becta Seminar on Digital Divide
We gave a paper at Becta on: People First – the ICT needs of excluded customers on 19 February 2002.

East of England Development Agency seminar on ICT and rural areas
We ran a workshop on: Overcoming social exclusion

Foundation for IT in Local Government annual conference
We ran a plenary session on eGovernment and Social inclusion in December 2001

Kable Conference on e-government
We ran a half day workshop on how to develop an e-government Strategy in this two day conference for local authorities in November 2000

SOLACE Regional Conference, East Anglia
We spoke on Putting e-government into Practice at this conference in Ely in November 2000

Get ready for e-government
This was a conference which we ran jointly with the I&DeA in London in November 2000. We organised the programme, gave an address on implementing e-government and ran two workshops on how to develop an e-government strategy

Annual Conference and Social Housing 2000 Conference
We ran a workshop on Tackling Information Exclusion - access to IT for tenants, at the National Housing Federation's annual conference in September 2000

North West Regional Development Agency
We ran a half day seminar on the role of ICT in regeneration hosted by the NW RDA and IRISI for local partnerships at Blackburn Rovers in July 2000

Humberside TEC
We gave the keynote address at this conference on ICT and social inclusion/economic regeneration at Beverley, Yorkshire in June 2000

Information Age Government, York
We gave an address as part of this national conference in May 2000. It was part of the Public Policy Management Programme of Queen Mary and Westfield College

ICT and Social Exclusion, LGA
We gave an address on Connecting Communities as part of this conference in February 2000