Delivering e-Government

Our services include :

1. Community ICT Audits

Communities that have the right mix of ICT provision will have citizens who are better trained and more able to find jobs in the digital economy.

We carry out ICT audits to

map existing community ICT provision

identify gaps such as lack of provision for 'hard to reach' groups

We can then work with our client to :

Develop a strategy that meets the needs of all citizens, particularly those that are socially excluded

Ensure that the overall mix of provision is delivered in a joined-up way and that funding streams are properly and strategically utilised

Highlight the key implementation issues that may arise and advise how to handle them

IS Communications has carried out ICT audits in : Liverpool, Blackburn, Leicester, Burnley, Southampton, Stepney and South Yorkshire.
2. Building community web interfaces to attract new users to e-government services

Neighbourhood Intranet sites and e-government

The Guardian reported on 30 Jan 2003 that the office of the e-envoy is about to announce proposals for intermediaries such as businesses and voluntary organisations to run electronic services. It goes on to say that the reason for the revised interest in intermediaries is simple. While it has been reported that 97% of local authorities will have put all their services online by December 31st 2005, comparatively few people are using them. Government websites are already being described as online versions of the Millennium Dome, impressive but deserted.

Intermediaries providing alternative channels to access government services are being considered as a way of increasing the usage of online government services. We would suggest that a neighbourhood intranet would undertake this role very effectively. They would act as a community friendly channel for people to access the information and services provided by the public sector locally. It is very likely that such a well used neighbourhood website will increase the uptake of online public services, particularly from those sections of the public that might find the more formal tone of a local authority website off putting.

The benefits

Setting up a neighbourhood Intranet site can have a number of spin-offs. These can include :

  • - improved communication between people within a local neighbourhood
  • - improved communications between people in a local neighbourhood and the organisations that serve them

  • - better access to public services

  • - a stimulus for the interest and intelligence of people who might have settled for low aspirations

  • - support for the development of special interest groups

  • - support for collaborative working by businesses and organisations

  • - support for joint purchasing and joint action

  • - awareness raising regarding issues such as domestic violence

  • - better access to information

  • - fun!

  • - empowerment.

To see an example of how this can work in practice, look at our Blackburn Case Study
3. Telecommunications Audits - Networking for Success

A telecoms audit can accurately identify 'where you are now' in terms of existing telecoms supply networks, and forms the basis for a considered decision to upgrade or completetly renew existing networks.

Click this link for our Telecoms Audit Brochure

For further information on Telecommunications Audits please contact Michael Mulquin.