Information about the broadband TV project that we are helping to commercialise

This is a DfES funded set of web tools and services designed to give new users of the Internet a good start in email and search and to provide an easily navigable interface for people with physical challenges or learning difficulties. IS Communications is managing the pilots that will be run in Blackburn and North Cambridgeshire and Norfolk

myguide interface
Where a working copy of the myguide interface design can be seen.

The Digital Challenge Fund
The recently announced funding opportunity to support a city or region to develop and implement an effective strategy to build a local inclusive digitally enabled society.


A company we work closely with, that focuses on using data networks to deliver a wide portfolio of locally-based services for the community.

The Application Home Initiative
A DTI sponsored industry body that has as its overall objective the acceleration of the adoption of networked applications and services by connected home-based users.

The website of the Blackburn Wired Up Community that we helped to set up