This is a short summary of some of the projects we have carried out in the past.

e-enablement of an NDC board
We interviewed all board members to determine their ICT skill level, their access to computers and the Internet, and their priorities in terms of how ICT could help them fulfil their role. We considered the most appropriate hardware, software and Internet access. We undertook a training needs analysis of board members and put together a detailed training programme for them. We specified an Intranet site that would enable the board to work together effectively online and we put together a detailed and costed proposal for implementation.

Wiring up a newbuild estate to provide cheap telephony, Internet and Intranet access
We carried out a feasibility study, funded by English Partnerships, for a large RSL in Liverpool on how 1,700 new homes (40% social housing) can be wired up to provide cheap telephony and Internet services to residents and provide an ongoing income stream for the Village Company that will manage the estate on behalf of residents. We also costed out an Intranet for the estate and detailed how to develop it.

Wiring up an NDC area to provide broadband Internet access and other services
We are working with an NDC to identify the best way of providing broadband Internet access to the NDC area, the services that could be provided over it, the costs and likely revenue streams, and the ways it could support the NDC in fulfilling its targets.

Bringing broadband to Newham
Michael Mulquin, one of IS' directors, is chair of, a company limited by guarantee that has provided the technical support for wiring up 600 flats on a Newham estate and developed a broadband network based on interactive digital television.

Providing computers to low income households
We project managed the setting up of one of the DfES' Wired up Communities programmes which provided 2,500 households with computers and IT training and a fully featured, interactive neighbourhood website. We continue to provide consultancy support to ensure that the project develops a sustainable future and provides real benefits to residents.

Audit of community ICT initiatives in NDC area
We carried out an audit of community ICT projects in an NDC area as part of a national DfES project to map the digital divide. We have also carried out similar audits in other regeneration areas and have worked with the Office for Public Management to develop a framework for auditing community ICT projects under Best Value.

Setting up community ICT centres
We wrote the capital funding bid and project managed the implementation of 10 ICT community centres as part of the Governments' UK Online initiative, on time and to budget.

A cyber café for young people
We produced a feasibility study for a cyber café for young people including site location, refurbishment costs and business plan.

Fund finding
We have written successful bids for a number of regeneration partnerships to access major funding for ICT initiatives.

Accessible web design
We project managed the social exclusion working party for the Cybrarian project. Cybrarian is a £23m DfES project to develop web tools and content for people who are not yet using the Internet.

Our expertise also includes:

We have run seminars for a number of local authorities on e-government and wrote the Implementing Electronic Government statement for both years 1 and 2 for a local authority.

We project managed the UK demonstrator of the TruE Vote European Project to develop secure online consultation and voting systems using smart cards and digital signatures. We are also developing the business plan for the future of the project on behalf of all the partners.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our work please contact Michael Mulquin on :

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